Introduced by musician, designer and photographer Peter Falkner, we began working for Felix in 1996 by panelling the walls of his office in Kingly Street, London and by the millennium we had also worked for him with Peter on the new oak study on Mustique, made at our workshop in Wales and then flown to to the Caribbean.

Into the 2000’s other interesting furniture and joinery commissions followed, mostly for The Old Manor House and Highfields at Dorsington.

Felix gave much thought to everything that went into his homes around the world and he discussed items with me and other makers personally. The quality of everything he had from every source was extremely high and his homes were always beautifully kept with sparkling windows and fresh flowers in every vase.

He eventually created perfect environments in which to write his wonderful poetry.

The following photos show some of our work  for Felix.


21-AC49 Oak Panelling for London Office (Dennis)-7London





04-FC608(A) Beech Inlaid Bookcases (Dennis)-2

Beech Bookcases and Tables in Dorsington Office Flat

32-FC588 Oak Side Table (Dennis)-1

Beech and Bog Oak Table for a Work by Peter Eugene Ball in Highfield

1-3c.96 elm desk

Elm Desk in Highfield Bedroom

36-FC540A Oak Kitchen Table (Dennis)-1

Oak Table and Chairs for Caroline’s House Dorsington

41-Door Mustique

Oak Door Detail Mustique

39-AC79 Window Board (seat) and Arcading (Dennis)-0

Burr Oak Window Seat at The Old Manor

35-Console Table

Some console Tables


34-Console Table


One of several Small Tables and Stands

33-FC589 Small Oval Fireside Table in Beech (Dennis)




12-FC550 Bookcase in Cherry (Dennis)-1

It was a great pleasure to meet and to work for Felix Dennis and naturally all of us at the workshop at Discoed were  saddened by his death, but now hope that our work will continue to be appreciated by others.

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