The “Dragon Bed” is a misnoma as the two carved creatures which dominate the headboard have only two legs making them “Wyverns”! but to us, “Dragon Bed”has a better ring to it!

The characterful late C16th, possibly Welsh or Welsh Marches headboard came from a salvage yard in the Midlands and rested against the workshop wall for nearly ten years before we decided to make it into a complete bed and put it in our showroom at Discoed.

As a speculative project we knew that it would be quite expensive to undertake and when finished it might be considered to be a heavily restored, wide single bed, which is not what the present day market requires.

However, despite it becoming a fimiliar old friend, the rickety oak headboard was taking up space and the time had come  to deal with it.



Dragon Bed 1

26-Carved Bed Panels

04-Dragon Headboard for S.FC1013-0

The following images record the repairs to the headboard and the reinstatement of the posts, rails and tester using the headboard as a guide to the carved decoration which was executed with the minimum number of gouges.

For added interest the rails were¬† grooved and drilled to accommodate the lattice of hemp rope that would have traditionally supported the bedding, but this bed was not intended as a museum piece so pine slats were fitted for convenience. We also made it a little longer than it might originally have been in order to take a modern mattress, but from our conservators’ perspective the width of the headboard was not to be altered.

Dragon Bed 2

09-S.FC1013 Restoration of 'Welsh Dragon' Tester Bed-3

18-S.FC1013 Restoration of 'Welsh Dragon' Tester Bed-17


We were pleased with the finished bed which we felt was a fitting way of preserving and displaying the lovely headboard and it soon became the pride and joy of a wonderful elderly lady.




Dragon Bed 7




Dragon Bed 4















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